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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Now Only If We Could Get The Revisionists To Read This...

Here is a excellent post from the Mudville Gazette that all the revisionists and Anti Iraqi freedom people need to read. My background on this story is that during the 2 deployments I made with the USS George Washington (CVN-73), we were sent to the gulf region a total of 5 times, under ideal situations, we should have only been there 2-3 times at most, but due to the fact that Saddam kept thumbing his nose at the UN and everyone else, we were sent there numerous times to bitchslap Saddam back to reality. If we finally didn't decide to remove Saddam, how many times would other BG's or ESG's be ordered back to the gulf on short notice, plus we would have had to keep a battle group in there at all times, like during the 90's?

1994: Saddam Hussein moves Iraqi troops to the Kuwaiti border. The forces withdraw after the United States deploys a carrier group, warplanes and 54,000 troops to the Persian Gulf region.

That was the USS George Washington (CVN-73), the only reason I know that is because I was there, back when I was a lowly deck seaman and we were having a steel beach picnic of the coast of Bosnia, when suddenly the word was passed over the 1MC (ships internal announcement intercom) to set the special sea and anchor detail (we were anchored out) and I was the sea and anchor helmsman (person who steers the ship) so I run up 10 flights of stairs (or as the navy says, ladders) get to the bridge and low and behold the CO is in his chair watching CNN and the person on tv says the GW Battle group has just been ordered back to the gulf, to our chagrin, CNN found out about the same time we did. So we headed back to the gulf 30+ knots the whole way (missing out on a few good ports too). Now that won't happen again because hopefully Saddams day's drawing air are coming to a end....


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