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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Monday, January 30, 2006

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hillary Clinton officially joins the Moonbat Brigade

Hillary has announced that she is going to join the other barking moonbats and jumps on the bandwagon and gives up all hope as campaigning as a moderate and announces she will also vote for a filibuster much to the Republicans delight. She had this to say about her decision:

I oppose his nomination and support efforts to block his confirmation.

I do not think Judge Alito would advance the principles Americans hold most dear

Like I said before, the barking moonbat brigade will try to head off any attempt to put anyone but another Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the bench. As long as the Republicans are in control, they will not allow that to happen again. A top GOP official had this to say about any filibuster attempt:

If the Democratic left does a filibuster led by Kerry, that's found money for us.

There are repercussions of course, like alienate the moderate Democrats while appeasing the KOS and DU crowd!

Friday, January 27, 2006

About Damn Time

After reading this, needless to say I was overjoyed, because it's about damn time the military decided to get rid of the Beretta M9 9mm pistol and go back to the .45 pistols of old, well maybe not the old 1911 frames of old, but they have a few specifications to be met, like able to hold a 15 round clip (most likely a double stack clip as well as the 8 round single stack clip) and needs a rail up top to hold attachments and able be able to hold a silencer. They plan to designate it as a JCP (Joint Combat Pistol) that will have to serve the needs of all branches as well as SPECOPS as well. The Specops people have been able to procure there own weapons but I think they want to standardize all the sidearms, hence the need for it being able to a silencer being used. I am thinking with the specifications needed, my best guess on the manufacturers would probably be Heckler and Koch, Sig Arms (which I am very partial too, see this post here) or even possibly a Ruger. I am hoping for them to choose Sig myself only because its the best that I have shot yet but I may just go shoot a H&K on monday to see if it's as enjoyable as the Sig. Like I said, about damn time.

Mr. Irrevelevancy, Al Gore again opens his Pie hole.

This time about the new "Ultra-Conservative" Canadian Prime Minister elect Stephen Harper! This is what he said, straight from the horses ass oops I mean the mouth:

Canadians, Gore said, should vigilantly keep watch over prime minister-designate Stephen Harper because he has a pro-oil agenda and wants to pull out of the Kyoto accord -- an international agreement to combat climate change.

The election in Canada was partly about the tar sands projects in Alberta

Waaaa, I am irrelevent but I will keep opening my mouth to make sure someone will listen to me and take me seriously and did I tell you that I was robbed in 2000 by the supreme court for the presidency! And oh yeah, global warming is bad and it's GW Bush's fault too.

Sen. Murtha again espousing his Retreat and Defeat Strategy

Sen. Murtha (D-PA) is again calling for retreat and defeat again, only now calling Iraq a "Civil War!" and manages a few insightful nuggets from his mouth

Our troops are the target.

and this

We're not fighting terrorism in Iraq. We're fighting a civil war in Iraq. We've got to give them an incentive. We fought our Civil War. Let them fight their civil war.

All that he is doing now, is now he has figured out that he can't win using a frontal assault, and now is trying to attack from the rear by comparing it with our own Civil War over 200 years ago. Sen. Murtha also lets everyone else know that he can see the future too by stating this:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., could win the Democratic nomination for president in 2008, but that she would lose in the general election.

I think she will put out feelers as 08 approaches but will back out last minute and let the other candidates kiss her rear for her support of her base.

Senate Minority Leader Concedes That They can't block the Alito Nomination

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) conceded today that they don't have to votes to filibuster the Alito nomination. Sen. Reid released this statement today

Everyone knows there is not enough votes to support a filibuster

Further down in the article he also stated he would still vote for one to send a "message" to the supporters of Alito, or in other words, so Sen. Reid can still appear (and Senators Kennedy, Kerry, Feinstein) can keep there base happy with the KOS and DU'ers base groups. Hell, Alito has even got the support of Sen. Byrd (D-WV) who also scorned the debate process C-Span (Video Here)and called the process "appalling". This is just another cheap stunt to keep the radical fringe of the Democrat party happy and to allow them to think in their "Ivory Towers" that they are stickin it to GW Bush, when only they are making themselves more irrelevant by the minute.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Moonbats are barking again

The usual suspects are trying to delay the Alito nomination vote being held. They can't seem to realize that they are not in power and do not get to nominate the judges, if they would win a election, they can choose ie...Ruth Bader Ginsburg anyone? Kerry, Kennedy and Feinstein are now threatening a filibuster which would be good and bad, good because it would further marginalize the Democrat party and make them look like the extremists that some of the are, but bad because a highly qualified judge would not be where he belongs.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No Surprises here!

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito along party lines, which didn't completely surprise me. Short of Bush nominating some far leftwing judicial activist judge, you could pretty much forget getting the support of Senators Kennedy,Schumer,Feinstein,Leahy,and Durbin. The only two wildcards I knew were Senators Feingold and Kohl (admittedly I don't know too much about them so I couldn't make a educated guess) but they fell into party line and voted with the rest of there party, because everyone knows what happens if you go against the grain in the Democratic Party, if unsure google Sen. Lieberman and Formal Senator Zell Miller. Hopefully this will all be over soon...