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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Denial Isn't a River In Egypt Now

Another Blog I infrequently visit (that will change now), hits another homerun has a great article on denial, everyone should read this post especially when she starts into the political aspects of denial for example:

Certainly denial can be used by anyone; and both sides of the political
spectrum engage in it-- Democrats or Republicans; Left or Right. But the most
recent example, and the one with the most serious implications is the continued
denial of reality on the part of Democrats and the Left regarding Iraq.The
examples of their unwillingness to face reality are
. They pretend they didn't vote for military action. They distort
what was actually said and even when confronted with audiotapes and transcripts
of what was said; they continue to deny that they meant any such thing. When
confronted with what Bush or Cheney actually said about the reasons for going to
war; they will insistently adhere to an interpretation that fits their

You can read the whole thing here


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