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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm surprised he hasn't placed any blame upon the Underwear Gnomes!

As I sit here on duty on the quarterdeck of NPS doing my 9 hr stretch, and in my infinite boredom, I started googling upcoming execution dates here in the US, I have always been a supporter of the death penalty, its the only 100% effective way to ensure that a criminal never again commits a crime. I am not saying lets execute every criminal, but the ones convicted of serious crimes ie...multiple murderers, serial rapists, terrorists and other serious offenses. I believe they should have there appeals (maybe not 20 years of appealing), but anyways, whenever you google or yahoo the words death penalty, the majority of the sites that pop up and rabidly anti death penalty, so then I decide to start seeing what they have to say, and when I come across this (shudders) Canadian flaming moonbat anti death penalty site that posts profiles some of the death row inmates, I start to read them and I came across this moron, and if you can stomach it and read it, notice how he blames everyone else including the judge are in cahoots to get him. Criminals for the most part are usually not that bright but his lightbulb has burned out a long time ago. Hopefully when he gets the needle in April the gene pool will be better off without this bank robbing cop killer.


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