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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Am I a Homophobe?

For me refusing to part with the $9 (or $5.50 if I caught a matinee) of Brokeback Mountain. It's not because I don't like homosexuals (what they do in there free time is there business, not mine). I don't normally see non-big productions on the big screen, for example the last few movies I have seen in the theatre have King Kong, War Of The Worlds, Serenity, Sin City. It's just if I am going to pay out the rectum for a few hours of entertainment, I want to see the special effects on the big screen versus most of the movies I either rent/own on dvd which wouldn't make a difference on a big or small screen like Wedding Crashers, 40 yr old Virgin, 4 Brothers. Too me, Brokeback Mountain seems to be a rental/purchase and does not warrant me taking a trip to the cinema for it. I like Ang Lee's movies to, which is one of the main reason's I will go see it (hell, I even liked his interpetation of the Incredible Hulk, although most of the comic book aficionado's seemed to hate). So unless Brokeback Mountain has some special effects like aliens popping out of peoples chests or spaceships blowing up planets or even lasers or lightsabers, It's in the rental/buy category for me. This could all change now if someone were to donate the money for me to see it, that would change everything, and I would go see it tonight and give a honest opinion of it tomorrow, but that is as likely as Michael Moore becoming the new Jenny Craig spokesperson...


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