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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Friday, December 02, 2005

1,000 Marks the Spot

Today we executed the 1,000th person in the USA who was Kenneth Boyd. That's one less person that will be able to kill again, or hurt anyone again for that matter. Before you get all teary eyed on me, this is what this scumbag did to get the needle:

During the 1988 slayings, Boyd's son Christopher was pinned under his mother's body as Boyd unloaded a .357-caliber Magnum into her. The boy pushed his way under a bed to escape the barrage. Another son grabbed the pistol while Boyd tried to reload.
The evidence, said prosecutor Belinda Foster, clearly supported a death sentence.
"He went out and reloaded and came back and called 911 and said 'I've shot my wife and her father, come on and get me.' And then we heard more gunshots. It was on the 911 tape," Foster said.

The only crime committed here was it took them 17 years to execute him.


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