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Saturday, January 21, 2006

This Actually Sounds Like a Good Idea

Kudo's to Steven Soderbergh for him and his company with 2 maverick billionaires, Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner are thinking outside the box with Soderbergh's new movie Bubble! They are releasing it in the movie theatres, dvd, and to HDnet Movies (cable channel that will show it) simultaneously. Of course not everyone thinks it's a great idea, the biggest theatre chains are not going to show it, the only chain that is showing it that I know of is Landmark Theatres. The president of the National Association of Theater Owners had this to say about it:

It's the biggest threat to the viability of the cinema industry today

As it stands now, going to the movies at the theatre is a rip off, here in Monterey, the last time I checked, a matinee runs $5.50 for shows before 2 p.m and after that they are $8.50. I know in Los Angeles as well, the prices go up to $14 for a evening show. With those prices I only go to movies that pretty much have to translate to the big screen, movies like King Kong, Star Wars, War Of The Worlds and the rest of the movies I wait to see on dvd, that's the main reason why I won't go see Brokeback Mountain, no matter how good or bad the movie is, it will look the same on a 42" DLP tv or a movie screen. This way rather than getting dragged to a chick flick at the theatre, I can either go rent or buy it. Its a win win situation for me.


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