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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Too Funny for words

Again, The Nose On Your Face hits another homerun in the humor department, this time it is satirizing the Gov Ray Nagins "it is time to rebuild a chocolate New Orleans" comment with their commentary called:
"Racist? Some Of My Best Friends Are White Chocolate"

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin continues to come under fire for remarking earlier this week that "it is time to rebuild a chocolate New Orleans." In an attempt to better explain himself, Nagin released the following statement just moments ago:

"A lot is being said about the comments I recently made regarding the rebuilding of New Orleans as a chocolate city. Some have called my remarks poorly chosen. Others have gone so far as to categorize them as 'racist'. Those who know me best know that I am no racist. I could sit here and defend my actions, but I do not feel I need to. The fact that some of my best friends are made of white chocolate speaks for itself.

However, in the spirit of healing and reconciliation I would like to leave you with the immortal song by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. It goes a little something like this:

Dark chocolate and white milk do

Work together to form one delicious stew

Side by side to rebuild New Orleans,

Oh hell, toss in some gummy Jews

We've all seen

That Haitians are made of mixed jelly beans

There are blacks and reds, in every bag

We learn to share, we learn to trade each other

For the ones that we like,

To help rebuild the dykes.

Whether you are an Almond Joyish Jamaican, a licoricey Latvian or a minty Mongolian, you are all welcome in New Orleans. I hope that answers the critics once and for all. Peace, love and confectionary unity. Good night."

Funny funny stuff


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