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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile

Its just been pretty crazy lately with work and the holidays but hopefully tomorrow everything will finally be back to normal tomorrow....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Coming soon to the NY Times bestseller list

Confessions of Mama Moonbat suffering a incurable case of Bush Derangement explanation necessary

Now Only If We Could Get The Revisionists To Read This...

Here is a excellent post from the Mudville Gazette that all the revisionists and Anti Iraqi freedom people need to read. My background on this story is that during the 2 deployments I made with the USS George Washington (CVN-73), we were sent to the gulf region a total of 5 times, under ideal situations, we should have only been there 2-3 times at most, but due to the fact that Saddam kept thumbing his nose at the UN and everyone else, we were sent there numerous times to bitchslap Saddam back to reality. If we finally didn't decide to remove Saddam, how many times would other BG's or ESG's be ordered back to the gulf on short notice, plus we would have had to keep a battle group in there at all times, like during the 90's?

1994: Saddam Hussein moves Iraqi troops to the Kuwaiti border. The forces withdraw after the United States deploys a carrier group, warplanes and 54,000 troops to the Persian Gulf region.

That was the USS George Washington (CVN-73), the only reason I know that is because I was there, back when I was a lowly deck seaman and we were having a steel beach picnic of the coast of Bosnia, when suddenly the word was passed over the 1MC (ships internal announcement intercom) to set the special sea and anchor detail (we were anchored out) and I was the sea and anchor helmsman (person who steers the ship) so I run up 10 flights of stairs (or as the navy says, ladders) get to the bridge and low and behold the CO is in his chair watching CNN and the person on tv says the GW Battle group has just been ordered back to the gulf, to our chagrin, CNN found out about the same time we did. So we headed back to the gulf 30+ knots the whole way (missing out on a few good ports too). Now that won't happen again because hopefully Saddams day's drawing air are coming to a end....

Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Shining Example of Liberal Tolerance On This Countries College Campus's

This guy is sounds like he has all the liberal talking points down pat. Polly want a cracker perhaps.

Student Fights Back

HERNDON, VA –Young America’s Foundation exposed Warren Community College’s radical Professor John Daly, who in an email to student Rebecca Beach, vowed to intimidate those students who host conservative speakers and called for American soldiers in Iraq to murder their superiors. (emphasis mine)

Instead of admonishing the professor’s intemperate attack on a student’s right of free expression, Warren Community College President William Austin said Prof. John Daly has “first amendment rights” to harass Rebecca. Furthermore, the President is trying to bully Rebecca into silence. He said Rebecca, not Prof. John Daly, is ruining the college’s name by going on talk radio and television exposing Daly’s mean spirited email.

In an interview with the Express-Times, a local New Jersey paper, Daly stood by his email to Rebecca. He told the paper that Rebecca’s conservative group is an “ultra right-wing, possibly fascist, group.”

So much for the peace loving liberal movement and yet they wonder why they can't win elections. Keep up the good fight Rebecca. The full unedited email can be read here

Hat tip Right Wing News

Thursday, November 17, 2005

File under whoopity do dah

According to the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military (CSSMM):

According to the new data, the military discharged a total of 32 foreign language speakers in fiscal year 2004, including 22 Spanish, 3 Korean and French, and one Chinese, German, Tagalog, and Arabic language speakers.

Nathaniel Frank, Senior Research Fellow at the CSSMM, believes that the new data may indicate that the Pentagon is enforcing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy selectively. "The military may be firing fewer Arabic experts for homosexuality," Frank said, "to avoid public embarrassment during a time of dire shortages of Arabic linguists."

I think this Nathaniel Frank Person can't really see the forest from the tree's. In my 11 years of military service, It seems the only way Gay Servicemembers get the boot is by proclaiming it to everyone they see (possible ulterior motive may be found, realized that being in the military wasn't for them or got the language skills and decided to try and make more money as a civilian) or actually getting caught in the act in the barracks/ship. Talk about making mountains out of molehills.

Also it doesn't surprise me that stuff like this comes out of UC college system one bit.

I Think I Just Found What I Want For Christmas

This from Reuters:

At 500 pounds a sip it is one of the world's most expensive tipples this Christmas.

For connoisseurs with the pocket, British drinks giant Diageo is selling a Johnnie Walker whisky blend at 14,000 pounds a bottle to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Scotsman who created the world's best-selling whisky brand.

The group which distills one-third of the world's scotch has selected Scotland's best whiskies, all over 30 years old and some as old as 70 years old, to create its 1805 anniversary pack -- containing just one bottle.

Using currency converter, and based on todays exchange rate, one bottle of that whiskey will run you a cool $24,067.23 and a sip will run you $859.51. That better be some damn good whiskey!

Loveboat 2005

According to the Navy Times (subscription required to read article). 13 Sailors on the Pearl Harbor based USS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93) were charged with Fraternization and/or Adultery. On top of everything else, can you guess what charges are also being leveled by some of the accused.

Accusations of racism also underlie the problem. Eight of the 13 charged are black; the others are white. Two of the black sailors charged say they and others are being treated more harshly than their white counterparts. For his part, (CMDR) Williams (former CO)said in his message that he meted out justice in a fair and consistent manner.

But as the article goes on, the 2 people in the middle of all this is a LT and a SK2 who got married secretly.

The two black sailors leveling the racism charge, a lieutenant and then-second-class petty officer, admit they had an affair before getting married in December. But both say that whites similarly culpable were punished far less severely for essentially the same transgressions and that racism may have played a part.
The black officer, Lt. Tobias Chappell, is a former supply officer on the Chung-Hoon, now temporarily reassigned to the Defense Distribution Depot Pearl Harbor, where he “picks up trash and moves furniture” for a chief petty officer.

“It seems like a very selective prosecution,” he said.

He secretly married his former supply department’s leading petty officer, Storekeeper 2nd Class (AW) Tonya Yarbrough, last December; she has since been demoted to seaman recruit.

It gets better...

Chappell, with two counts of fraternization within the past year alone, also was charged with two counts of cruelty and maltreatment, obstruction of justice, larceny, making a false official statement the Navy said.

Chappell said the additional charges he faces are bogus. The larceny relates to keeping two Navy laptop computers at home during the commissioning transition, which Chappell said was allowed. The obstruction of justice, he said, relates to a search of his stateroom, which turned up videotaped evidence of one of the earlier relationships, according to Sink. The cruelty and maltreatment charge, he said, stems from giving a first-class petty officer a poor evaluation and assigning him to barracks duty while showing favoritism to a second petty officer.

According to the official Navy charge sheet, however, Yarbrough was that second petty officer. The Navy says Chappell sent his leading petty officer, Storekeeper 1st Class John T. Crawford, to barracks duty after Crawford gave Yarbrough a presumably unfavorable counseling statement. The Navy also charges that another sailor, Storekeeper 2nd Class David M. Zepeda, was unfairly dropped in ranking board status, adding that Chappell ordered a chief petty officer to switch the promotion recommendations of Yarbrough and Zepeda.

Crawford is black.

Chappell’s second fraternization charge relates to an alleged affair with an enlisted sailor not assigned to the Chung-Hoon, he said. And the third, he said, stems from a late 1990s affair with another enlisted female sailor.

“I don’t think that’s fair,” Chappell said. “I can see the ‘frat’ charge with Tonya, and even the one a year ago. But five years ago? That’s too long.”

Chappell said he was an ensign when he had his first fraternization affair.

To me it seems like there is a pattern of misbehavior with the LT and not because he is black. Lets just hope he keeps the race baiters like Je$$e Jack$on and Rev. Al out of this one. Like we need more unsubstantiated allegations pointed towards the military and the Navy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In Case you missed this video on the 1000's of other blogs

Here is the link again Democrats: Dishonest On Iraq

Coming out swinging

Vice President Dick Cheney throws in his two cents into the actions of the Democrats trying to re-write history with this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the sharpest White House attack yet on critics of the Iraq war, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Wednesday accusations that the Bush administration manipulated intelligence to justify the war were a "dishonest and reprehensible" political ploy. Cheney called Democrats "opportunists" who were peddling "cynical and pernicious falsehoods" to gain political advantage while U.S. soldiers died in Iraq.
I think all this was a ploy to let the Democrats stick there necks out to when the time was right, the White House would start swinging the ax. I am amazed at the patience that the White House showed waiting for this time. Granted his polls are down now, but now seems the best time, mid term elections are coming up next year, and the best defense is a good offense. Its about time that the George Bush and Dick Cheney I voted for finally showed up and started swinging

Link to original story

Moving tribute to the military

Earlier today I just found this available on the blog, California Conservative which posted a moving tribute to the men and women currently serving in Iraq. Check it out, it is definitely worth a look. The file can be found HERE


For my post just let me give you some background on myself. I am a 31 years old. I am in the military, the Navy to be exact. I have been in 11 years now. I have made 4 deployments while on a total of 3 different ships. Made 3 Med cruises while in Norfolk, VA attached to the USS George Washington (CVN-73), and 1 Westpac while Attached to the USS Mobile Bay (CG-53), and was attached to the USS Cowpens (CG-63) as well for a year. Currently stationed on shore duty at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California as staff duty as 1 of the 80 or so enlisted members here. I will take any advice on anything on getting started with blogs, as this is my first try. Good day until I post again.