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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm surprised he hasn't placed any blame upon the Underwear Gnomes!

As I sit here on duty on the quarterdeck of NPS doing my 9 hr stretch, and in my infinite boredom, I started googling upcoming execution dates here in the US, I have always been a supporter of the death penalty, its the only 100% effective way to ensure that a criminal never again commits a crime. I am not saying lets execute every criminal, but the ones convicted of serious crimes ie...multiple murderers, serial rapists, terrorists and other serious offenses. I believe they should have there appeals (maybe not 20 years of appealing), but anyways, whenever you google or yahoo the words death penalty, the majority of the sites that pop up and rabidly anti death penalty, so then I decide to start seeing what they have to say, and when I come across this (shudders) Canadian flaming moonbat anti death penalty site that posts profiles some of the death row inmates, I start to read them and I came across this moron, and if you can stomach it and read it, notice how he blames everyone else including the judge are in cahoots to get him. Criminals for the most part are usually not that bright but his lightbulb has burned out a long time ago. Hopefully when he gets the needle in April the gene pool will be better off without this bank robbing cop killer.

I'd Like To Wish Everyone a Happy New Year

Especially to the soldiers, sailors, and airmen stationed overseas right now who are away from their loved ones from a landlocked sailor currently on shore duty. I leave everyone with this parting picture courtesy of Sacred Cow Burgers (Excellent site filled with pictures and parody pictures, mainly humorous pictures though)

Time is almost up for Clarence Ray Allen

On January 17th, Clarence Ray Allen is scheduled to meet his maker. Instead of a children's book ghostwriting founder of a notorious gang quadruple murderer, you have a 75 yr Choctaw indian male convicted of 1 count of conspiracy,3 counts of murder with special circumstnces (he orchestrated 3 murders while in Folsom State Prison in retaliation against the people that testified against him while he was already serving a life sentence). His lawyers have already appealed to the Governator for clemency (this is the ridiculous part) based on the claim that the California Dept of Corrections are not adequately treating his medical conditions! He is confined to a wheelchair, nearly blind, diabetic and had a heart attack last september. His health won't be much of a concern after January 17th.

Mildly amusing news of the day

A Police Officer in San Francisco was attacked by a roving pack of vicious Chihuahuas! I feel bad for the officer besides the numerous ankle bites he took from the vicious pack, I can only imagine the amount of hell he is going to catch back in his precinct!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back to work

or at least attempting to make it look like that I am working at the moment...

Monday, December 26, 2005

My Vacation is now winding down

I leave tomorrow evening to head back home, I don't expect to start posting again till wednesday or thursday, depending on how long it takes me to recover. Hope everyone had a safe and good holiday season like I did.

Monday, December 19, 2005

I Couldn't Have Said This Any Better

Lee from Right Thinking From The Left Coast put up an amazing post that I completely agree with, It has been completely echoing my sentiments of myself and my family (currently in a real conservative area of Colorado at the moment) with this post, Why Liberals Hate War. This is a must read in my book, its right up there with the special I saw on Fox News last night that showed some of the good things that are happening in Iraq right that you won't see on most newscasts.

I have arrived

Safely in Colorado, Grand Junction to be exact. Anyways I am having fun in the snow now. Til' next post.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Going on Vacation

I will be gone till the 27th, so posting will be very intermittent till then. Merry Christmas/Kwaanza/Festivus or whatever, hope your holidays are as good as mine...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

File under you have to be kidding me!

A police dog has been named a defendant in a lawsuit brought by a convicted marijuana trafficker. He felt endangered by the presence of the police dog. He also said this:
"They've got a mean ol' dog, you know what I'm saying? I take that pretty serious,"

The county prosecutor has volunteered to defend the police dog, Andi. I hope this gets thrown out, seriously as this is a waste of taxpayer's money on a frivolous lawsuit.

Ann Coulter, love her or hate her

She writes some pretty funny stuff on occasion, makes me wonder if she should have been a comedy writer instead. I was perusing her article and this paragraph almost made me fall out of my chair laughing
Barry Krischer(Democrat Prosecutor in FL) has been going around calling El Rushbo(Rush Limbaugh) a criminal for more than two years but has yet to bring any charges. Last month, Krischer's assistant, James Martz, told the court that his office has "no idea" if Limbaugh has even committed a crime. I'm no lawyer -- hey, wait a minute, yes I am! -- but it sounds like maybe Krischer's maid has been out scoring him stupid pills again.

Funny stuff...

Shocking News alert

Wolf Blitzer manages not to have heart attack after finding a African American Bush Supporter. Boxing promoter, Don King basically said this:
I love George Walker Bush because I think he's a revolutionary. He's a president that comes in with conclusiveness. What they're doing in tomorrow in Iraq is a demonstration of that for the vote for democracy. The fundamental process of democracy is freedom of speech, law and order, being able to have freedom, working with people and working and governing yourselves. George Bush is that.

I think he's a president that cares about the people he represents, but doesn't compromise himself to the extent that he acquiesce and accommodate. He goes out there and says like it is, and tries to make things better. Inclusiveness, education, is fighting for that.

In related news, Nitroglycerin intake spiked at CNN following story.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How To Be A Victim

Another homerun hit by Dr. Sanity. This is another must read along with her Bush Derangement Syndrome post.

*UPDATE*I fudged up the links to the posts above, they should be working now

Christmas Gifts for the Leftist that has everything

Still looking for the Christmas/Kwaanza/Festivus Gift for the Bush Hating Leftist, well look no further than here

Ta-Ta Tookie the Final Chapter

Stanley "Tookie" Williams was declared dead at 12:35 am. Only took 24 years to send him on his way. One thing I didn't mention earlier is that he never admitted his guilt in the murders and was quoted as saying:

(he)refused to confess to crimes he did not commit, even if doing so would save his life. He said he redeemed himself while in prison and apologized for starting the Crips.

Had he admitted is guilt in killing 4 people he might be alive today, but he didn't and he payed the ultimate price for his complicity in ending 4 lives prematurely. One other thing I just can't comprehend on how people could call him "innocent"? He killed 4 people by his own hand for sure, started one of the most violent street gangs that were responsible for turning neighborhoods into warzones, helped spread the use of crack cocaine. How many people did Tookie kill before getting caught? Not like he was a altar boy before suddenly deciding to start a vicious street gang and kill 4 people. Finally it's over, the limousine liberals can go back to whining about Bush now.

Monday, December 12, 2005

File under you got to be shitting me

According to this, Joan Baez took time out of her busy schedule to hold a impromptu concert at the gates of San Quentin Prison to sing a searing rendition of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot ( I thought Tookie's getting the needle, not being hung?) This almost is as bad as the busiest man in hollywood Mike Farrell taking time out of his hectic shooting schedule (filming the next big hollywood blockbuster, I imagine) to say this:

"The governor's 96-hour wait to give an answer was a cowardly act and was tortuous"

Nevermind the fact that Tookie killed 4 people with a Shotgun during 2 robberies (I guess to Mike, those actions are brave and heroic!)

Tookies Next appointment

This is where Tookie will be at 12:01 am pst the pic is from the CA Department of Corrections

Ta-Ta Tookie pt 4

Tookies final hope is now a pardon from GW Bush. There is a better chance of me turning gay suddenly and leading the annual San Francisco Gay Pride Parade than Tookie going free. (No offense to gay people, not my thing though)

Great Pic

Very Fitting, about 6 1/2 hrs to go till Ta-Ta Tookie permenently.
(Hat tip mooresucksass from Right Thinking From the Left Coast)

Ta-Ta Tookie pt 3

This just in, Gov. Schwarzenegger just denied Tookie's Clemency request. Tookie has less than 12 hrs until his sentence is carried out. Justice will be served at 12:01 am p.s.t. His part of murdering in cold blood; Albert Owens, Yen-I Yang, Tsai-Shai Chen Yang, and Yu-Chin Yang Lin. For a brief rundown on Tookies last hours will be like, click here. Note to the people support Tookie, atonement for his brutal murders cannot be negated by writing childrens books. He never admitted guilt, still had ties to the crips, never told law enforcement about crip activities. He is only intrested in saving his own bacon, and people like Snoop Dogg, Bianca Jagger, and Mike Farrell (who is he again?) should STFU and go back to minding their own business. Has any one of the celebs offered condolences to those he murdered rather than sideline cheerleading for a mass murderer? Only thing left in the way before Tookie is scheduled to get the needle is the US Supreme Court. Hopefully tommorrow his sentence will be carried out.

Ta-Ta Tookie pt 2

The California Supreme court refuses to issue a stay for Tookies upcoming execution. Tookie's only chances to avoid the needle now rest with the federal court sysptem and Gov. Schwarzenegger. Of course the opposition has most likely manufactured a witness that will supposedly prove his innocence, but likely to be another delay tactic to keep a Nobel Peace prize nominee from getting the sentence decided by a jury of his peers. Let Tookies death be a deterrence to the gang life rather than his little read books. Tookie deserves the needle!!! I hope the governator does not issue clemency to Tookie otherwise he has just lost my vote. I may not vote for the democrat, but won't vote for him either.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ta-Ta Tookie

As to be expected, Stanley "Tookie" William's lawyers have filed a emergency stay petition in the California State Supreme court, in the words of Deputy Attorney General, Lisa Brault (the petition is) "without merit and is manifestly designed for delay". He has had 24 years to prove that he was wrongly convicted, and my main hope is that the state of California finally executes Tookie despite all the whining coming from the limousine libs and other hippy activists. Not only is he guilty of killing 4 people directly, but killing, terrorizing countless others, mainly other african americans. Rather than his books keeping kids from joining a gang, wouldn't it be more convincing if he got the needle?

Decent News

I use to live in Colorado before joining the Navy, so on occasion I like to check into Colorado politics and other happenings. Although I was dismayed last election to see the Democrat elected to the senate, SEN. Ken Salazar (D-CO) over Pete Coors. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he wasn't in lock step with Howard Dean. Here are some quotes from his spokesman this week:

"Howard Dean does not speak for Sen. Salazar," said Cody Wertz, the senator's spokesman. Salazar, a freshman, issued a statement saying that President Bush's speech on Iraq this week properly emphasized rebuilding Iraq and training its security forces.

"The facts make it plain that reconstruction progress cannot succeed steadily without more secure overall conditions," Salazar said. "We should continue to focus on providing effective training to Iraqi security forces so they can establish and maintain security for their own country.

"I continue to look forward to hearing more from the president on specific training and reconstruction benchmarks that we expect to achieve and when we expect to achieve them in Iraq."

This was in response to Howard Dean's comments that the war in Iraq were "Unwinnable" (which he later retracted and blamed the Republicans for cherrypicking his comments.)

(Hat tip: The Political Teen)

Hey Everyone...

I just had a good email conversation with John from and we just linked to each other, check out his site and the chronicles on how the ACLU has declared war on XMas and the average citizen, and thanks John for blogrolling me, I have been at this for just over a month now and its a honor for me anyways.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

On A Sad Note.

Richard Pryor died today. I still remember it like it was yesterday, sneaking into my dad's cassette collection and taking his Cheech & Chong and Richard Pryor tapes to listen to in my room back in the early 80's. Still remember him in the movies like Superman 3, Brewsters Millions, and the movies he did with Gene Wilder like Silver Streak and See No Evil, Here No Evil. He was a pioneer in his own way and will be missed. R.I.P Richard.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

20 S.F. Cops in hot water over video's

1 Officer has been suspended, and 20 others face other disciplinary actions for participating in video's that show:

In one video, which spoofed the TV show "Charlie's Angels," three gun-toting police women in T-shirts and blue jeans report to a police captain, who sits behind a desk and suggestively licks his lips.
Through the rest of the clip, a street person, an apparent transvestite, and several others lick their lips in a similar manner and say, "Ohhh, captain."


Another video showed a lazy pair of officers who ignored several dispatches while reading the newspaper, napping in their cruiser and practicing martial arts in a parking lot.

When gunshots are reported, they race off with their lights flashing and siren wailing - only to show up at a massage parlor the driver had spotted in a magazine ad.

Granted the humor may be sophmoric, but a mistake was made to put this on the website where it was discovered. Cops in SF also should realize they have no backup whatsoever from their higher ups like the Police Chief Heather Fong who called the video's "egregious, shameful and despicable." The moonbat mayor of SF also chimed in by saying It is shameful, it is offensive, it is sexist, it is homophobic and it is racist," and "We're going to make sure that it ends, it ends immediately." In case you forgot about Gavin Newsom's moonbattery! If I was a cop in SF, I would immediately start looking for work elsewhere, especially because the SF DA won't seek the Death Penalty for a accused Cop Killer. I could go on and on about SF and the thousands of reasons that I will never live there.

Friday, December 02, 2005

1,000 Marks the Spot

Today we executed the 1,000th person in the USA who was Kenneth Boyd. That's one less person that will be able to kill again, or hurt anyone again for that matter. Before you get all teary eyed on me, this is what this scumbag did to get the needle:

During the 1988 slayings, Boyd's son Christopher was pinned under his mother's body as Boyd unloaded a .357-caliber Magnum into her. The boy pushed his way under a bed to escape the barrage. Another son grabbed the pistol while Boyd tried to reload.
The evidence, said prosecutor Belinda Foster, clearly supported a death sentence.
"He went out and reloaded and came back and called 911 and said 'I've shot my wife and her father, come on and get me.' And then we heard more gunshots. It was on the 911 tape," Foster said.

The only crime committed here was it took them 17 years to execute him.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mexicans Denounce Border Fence

Can anyone tell me why this is a problem and why we are even listening to this?

Mexican lawmakers have lambasted the Bush administration's plans to erect more border fences and use other devices aimed at curtailing illegal immigration.
"We are profoundly disheartened by the (U.S.) position of solving the migration problem through walls, infrared rays, cameras and unmanned aircraft," said Roberto Pedraza Martinez of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, El Universal reported Thursday.
Earlier this week, U.S. President George W. Bush said he was working to step up border enforcement and the deportations of illegal immigrants.
At the same time, Bush defended the guest worker program that allows Mexicans to remain in the country on temporary work visas.
About 1 million Mexicans are arrested every year trying to enter the United States illegally.

For the most part this is where I have diagreed with Pres. Bush the most, he hasn't done enough about illegal immigration, but this is just a baby step in the right direction. If people are complaining, you are doing something right. As a mexican/native american servicemember, I don't believe the illegal immigrants should be given a free pass (or bus/plane/train ride over here like the mexican gov't would like.) If they want to come here and work great, but do it the right way, not by jumping a fence or swimming the rio grande either!

Rep. John Murtha Calls Army "Broken, Worn Out"

According to this:

LATROBE, Pa. (AP) -- Most U.S. troops will leave Iraq within a year because the Army is "broken, worn out" and "living hand to mouth," Rep. John Murtha told a civic group.

Two weeks ago, Murtha created a storm of comment when he called for U.S. troops to leave Iraq now. The Democratic congressman spoke to a group of community and business leaders in Latrobe on Wednesday, the same day President Bush said troops would be withdrawn when they've achieved victory, not under an artificial deadline set by politicians.

Murtha predicted most troops will be out of Iraq within a year.

"I predict he'll make it look like we're staying the course," Murtha said, referring to Bush. "Staying the course is not a policy."

Murtha, 73, the ranking Democrat on the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, expressed pessimism about Iraq's stability and said the Iraqis know who the insurgents are, but don't always share that information with U.S. troops. He said a civil war is likely because of ongoing factionalism among Sunni Arabs, and Kurds and Shiites.

He also said he was wrong to vote to support the war.

"I admit I made a mistake when I voted for war," Murtha said. "I'm looking at the future of the United States military."

I respect his service to this country but he is just plain wrong on this account. I guess in his mind, the people in Iraq do not deserve to be free, to elect there own representatives, we need to stay the course and take care of this problem once and for all.

Denial Isn't a River In Egypt Now

Another Blog I infrequently visit (that will change now), hits another homerun has a great article on denial, everyone should read this post especially when she starts into the political aspects of denial for example:

Certainly denial can be used by anyone; and both sides of the political
spectrum engage in it-- Democrats or Republicans; Left or Right. But the most
recent example, and the one with the most serious implications is the continued
denial of reality on the part of Democrats and the Left regarding Iraq.The
examples of their unwillingness to face reality are
. They pretend they didn't vote for military action. They distort
what was actually said and even when confronted with audiotapes and transcripts
of what was said; they continue to deny that they meant any such thing. When
confronted with what Bush or Cheney actually said about the reasons for going to
war; they will insistently adhere to an interpretation that fits their

You can read the whole thing here