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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Monday, January 23, 2006

Code Pink Kicked off the Curb!!!

At the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which has been displaying there anti war rhetoric and trying to demoralize the injured troops for some time now. First they get caught stealing a sign that the proud parents of a Marine hung on the fence at Walter Reed which said "No Protest Zone, Soldiers Healing," now Code Pink forgot to renew the permit for their weekly protests, when a patriot, a guy named Concrete Bob stepped up and purchased the permit, more can be read here. Finally our troops can begin to heal without having to see the vile protests anymore, and let's give a hand to the counter protestors who were out there trying to counteract Code Pink, the DC Chapter of Protest Warrior and the DC Free Republic Chapter!

(h/t Andi's World, The Redhunter and Michelle Malkin)


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