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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another Case of Not in my Backyard-itis

The enviromentalists are trying to fight vinters who are buying property in northern Sonoma county to grow the fickle pinot noir grapes popularized in the movie Sideways, but to the dismay of the residents, they are converting forests to vineyards and are crying foul because it damages there views or what not. The most ambitious and controversial project is the Preservation Ranch, which proposes of the 20,000 acres they bought, 2,000 acres would be the vineyard, and the remaining 18,000 acres would be reforested with the wine profits, seems reasonable to me, but the environuts want it to be there way or the highway, no room for compromise whatsoever. Pretty typical for californians in my opinion, not just there, but here as well in Monterey, people scream for affordable housing (median cost of a house here: $721,000 and affordable housing when available is normally in the 300k range, see my earlier post on the housing difficulties here and here, they all clamor for more power plants/affordable housing as long as it isn't in there backyard...


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