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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As I sit here pondering life in this Liberal Paradise

I realize that I will never own a house here short of winning the states super duper megastate lottery because of the median cost of housing here in Monterey region which is about $721,620. It's rather difficult to come up the industry standard of at least 10% for the downpayment (roughly $72,160), figuring in a 6.125% fixed interest rate, I would be looking at a $3950 a month mortgage. That would leave me with about $500 left over a month for all my other bills. Not to mention I have no way to raise 72k for the downpayment (short of raising my parents life insurance and finding a way to off them without getting caught, I have managed to stay out of jail this long, why start now?) but hey, I live 10 minutes away from Pebble Beach Golf Course (of course it would help that I even played golf or could reasonably afford the green fees for Pebble Beach which will only set you back about $395 plus cart rental if you so desire. The only slightly positive thing I can say about this place, is the scenery, of course that gets polluted when tourist season gets in stride. I was one of the few people who secretly hoped that NPS Monterey would get put on the BRAC list and relocated somewhere else, to spare any future military member the agony of being stationed here. The brightside of this, my 3 yr tour ends next December to which if things go right, I will end up far away from this rich yuppie/hippie anti-growth stain on california back to sweet ol' San Diego.


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