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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Liberal Paradise Pt. 2

As I was finishing the last post, I realized that I had alot more to say on the state of affairs up here in Northern California. Recently I have been looking into getting my first handgun. I have been dealing with firearms from M-14's, 12 gauge shotguns, .50 cal machine guns, M-60 machine guns, and 9MM handguns in my last 11 years of service in the Navy. So when I start researching the gun laws of California where I am stationed at, it just started blowing my mind, technically I am still a resident of Colorado (lower taxes and reduced fees on my california registered vehicles). In my research here, their is a 10 day cooling off period to purchase a handgun or in the words of the CA law, a concealable weapon, but yet their is no waiting list to buy a car or get a abortion, and the both of those easily take more lives by themselves than all the handgun crimes in CA. I propose fairness, make owning a car just like buying a handgun, they are pretty similar with exception to the wait list. In California before you can even make a purchase you have to get a Handgun Safety Certificate(car terms: written drivers test), after that, then you have to (usually) pay for the gun and wait 10 days (while the background checks are run, but they could be run on the spot within a hour, the technology exists). Finally before the dealer can turn over the weapon you need to demonstrate safe operation of the handgun before legally he can sell you the gun. Make the laws fair at least instead of being hypocritical. Either apply the 10 day rule to everything that can be harmful or dangerous or nothing. Certain weapons are banned like the .50 Cal BMG rifle because they are so concealable and if I ever felt the need to get in a tall building and start picking people off at random like Charles Whitman, he didn't need a .50 Cal Barrett Sniper rifle so why is it banned, because it makes the liberals feel safe in their safe havens like soon to be gun free San Francisco, nevermind that someone tried to blow up a Starbucks yesterday! Not too mention that the gun ban will only affect legal firearm ownership, when was the last time a criminal said oh wait, I have to wait 10 days before I can get a gun and start robbing or murdering people? Well maybe the barking moonbats believe that, but the rest of the normal rational thinking people don't. I hope San Francisco keeps the whining to a minimum when Oakland invades them. Add another liberal safe haven to the list along with Washington D.C and Chicago (also crime and gun free mecca's). One positive not again, at least when I do purchase a gun, me being in the military does exempt me from getting the Handgun Safety Certificate.


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