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Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Liberal Paradise PT 3 (Final one of the day)

The other thing that just kills me about this beautiful cesspool of Monterey, is that people are always bitching about housing. It's too expensive, there is not enough houses, not enough affordable housing, but yet when when a developer comes in and wants to build houses to ease the housing crunch (and employ capitalistic ideals of supply and demand) they go apeshit that they are going to ruin the beauty and charm of Monterey. Home Depot has always wanted to put a store here, but the retards here would never approve the permits to build one here (and help stimulate the economy by providing jobs and competition to OSH which helps lower the costs of both places). The only way they finally got one built is only because with the K-Mart and Sears merger, they closed the K-Mart here, and Home Depot swooped in and bought the property and finally built one. This place is sure full of near sighted ignoramus's for such a small population...


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